“Weingut Haxel” is a small winery in the heart of the city Cochem at Mosel. It is established by Rolf and Erika Haxel.

Rolf Haxel is a graduate in viticulture and cellar tecniques. (University of Geisenheim) His wife Erika is winemaker too. Their quality-referred philosophy, both steped into the footsteps of a long tradition of winegrower families.

The native Lahn winegrower Rolf decided after his viticulture study in Geisenheim, to build a winery in Cochem, the hometown of its wife.

They concentrated completely on the Traditions grape Riesling.

Many tourists and national and external visitor groups are visiting the vineyard with its “Rieslingstub`n”. Whether you will drink a glass of wine in the romantic vineyard or want to make a winetasting, surrounded by a lot of historical tools and equipments – every person finds the right thing for themselves.

The winery is characterised by innovative ideas.

It was one first to the Mosel, which cultivated the red grape Pinot noir in larger style, not least, because Rolf Haxel originally originates from the red wine area at the river Lahn.

Meanwhile the viticulture enterprise convinces also by its first-class sparkling wines. Beside the classical Rieslingsekt in dry or brût, he has a red sparkling wine in the offer also.

Also around a follow-up the weingut does not have to make itself concerns. Their son Robert extended the know-how of the winery and is a young-viticulture technician. The family is still growing, Sandra and Roberts sons Julian (*2013) and Adrian (*2016) are now part of them.